Sponsorship Information

  Sponsoring an animal is a way to help an animal out without physically being able to foster it. This is where you can donate money towards the medical bills, buy the animal dog food, collars, leash, toys, treats, and any kind of additional training that may be needed. You can pick whatever dog you would like to sponsor and help out financially.

  We would love for you to meet the animal you would like to sponsor and to keep in touch with the foster parent of that animal. We will put together a letter and attach pictures of the animal you choose so you can always have the information. We encourage you to donate money through paypal or directly to our vet with the name of the animal. Also, you can also buy the items directly and give them to the foster parent for that animal.

So if you interested in becoming a guardian angel for any of the animals available, please feel free to email us at intheangelsarms@gmail.com.